Subsidiaries Company



Founded since November 2001, IndoSakti Communications is professionals below-the-line agency solutions. Expertised in provide premium service to the honorable clients.

We provide the highest quality service that meet your goals, because we know our clients and understand their business needs well.


Indolima Perkasa Distribusi

PT Indolima Perkasa Distribusi is one of Indolima Group Subsidiaries Companies which deliver the most reliable and experienced Distribution and Field Marketing Services.

We believe in customer satisfaction and that is our driving force. We offer unmatched customer experience, delivering a hassle free experience, transparent transactions and timely product deliveries. We have a lot of experience as well as a reputation for reliability. Transparency and ethicality are two things we never compromise on.



Indo Integritas Perkasa

Management and development of Human Resources (HR) is an important element for companies to ensure smooth business operations. HR is expected to adapt and evolve along with the changing times so that the company can continuously adapt and compete in the business world, including meeting the manpower demands of the company.

PT Indo Integritas Perkasa is a subsidiary of PT Indolima Perkasa, an Agency below the line company that has been operating for 26 years. PT Indo Integritas Perkasa is present as a partner that supports the HR performance in the company to fulfill the manpower demands and support the company’s business operations. Our presence helps clients find quality workforce, maintain workforce to reduce turnover risks, and preserve the competence of company employees.



Indodigital Teknologi Perkasa

iGooana is a product brand under PT Indodigital Teknologi Perkasa formed in May 2021 with a vision to to be at the forefront of building an information technology-based ecosystem and helping the government and industry players by providing breakthrough product innovations based on the latest industrial technology.

We provide a one-stop solution for all Information Technology needs, such as building SaaS (Software as a Service) products, Software House, System Integration, and IT Consultant.

We have created a product that we call iGooana Survey, Digital Marketing, Chatbot, HRIS (Human Resource Information System), DMS (Distribution Management System), ESL (Electronic Shelf Label), and Custom Application.