Attended Indonesia5 Anniversary Event, Ivan Gunawan Wishes Miss Grand International 2022 a Great Success

Artist Ivan Gunawan attended the anniversary event of PT Indolima Perkasa aka Indonesia5, which was recently held on August 15, 2022, in Jakarta.

Ivan Gunawan and Indonesia5 have a good relationship. They are collaborating in creating the big event Miss Grand International 2022, which will be held in October.

In his statement, Ivan Gunawan himself hoped that the Miss Grand International 2022 event could run successfully.

“Indonesia is the host for the 10th year of Miss Grand International! We should not waste this moment,” Ivan Gunawan said in an email received by recently.

Igun, his nickname, said the event would be made so big and magnificent.

“This time, I, from Yayasan Dunia Mega Bintang, am working with Indonesia5 to make this big event a success, which will be colorful and grand,” Ivan Gunawan said.

In addition, Tito Kadaryanto, as President Director of Indonesia5, also responded. He admitted that he was very enthusiastic about participating in the international beauty competition event with Ivan Gunawan.

“We are very grateful to Ivan Gunawan for entrusting Indonesia5 to organize the Miss Grand International 2022 Event,” said Tito Kardaryanto.

As is known, Indonesia5 is a company engaged in various fields, including distribution, technology, field marketing, and activation programs to event organizers.