Indolima’s 27th Anniversary Celebration with Theme ‘Built with LOVE,’ Attended by Ivan Gunawan – On August 15, 2022, PT Indolima Perkasa (Indonesia5) turns 27 years old. To celebrate that special day, a birthday party was held with the theme ‘Built with Love,’ where Indonesia5 uses love for its employees, clients, and community as the main key to the survival of PT Indolima Perkasa for 27 years.

On this anniversary, Mr. Tito Kadaryanto, as President Director of Indonesia5, hopes to continue the collaboration of all parties who have made Indonesia5 one of Indonesia’s leading and trusted agency companies.

“Thank you to all employees, clients, and communities who continue to collaborate and walk hand in hand with us, Indonesia5. Hopefully, we can continue to collaborate to create extraordinary works. We, Indonesia5, will continue to improve ourselves, continue to be the best and continue to be a company that always understands what you want because you are part of us, in accordance with Indonesia5’s single narrative,” said Tito.

“Last year, Indonesia5 successfully launched three new companies: outsourcing, distribution, and technology. This year, Indonesia5 launched Digitalindo Creative which offers Digital Marketing services as proof that Indonesia5 continues to grow and adapt. In addition to the event organizing services, we are very grateful to Ivan Gunawan, who has entrusted Indonesia5 to organize the Miss Grand International 2022 Event,” he added.

1. Challenges during the Pandemic

Indonesia5 has successfully passed two years of the Covid 19 pandemic, Indonesia5 Anniversary. The Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge that is not easy for all companies in the world, including companies in Indonesia.

For more than two years, the pandemic forced us to adapt in new ways. Indonesia5 proved at this mature age that it could not only adapt but can create new jobs by establishing several companies engaged in outsourcing, distribution, and technology.

To expand and optimize its services even further, Indonesia5 acquired PT Indo Sakti Sejati, a company engaged in Event Organiser, Field Marketing, and Activation Program.

2. Support from Ivan Gunawan

Indonesia5’s birthday was held under the theme ‘Built with Love’ / Credit Foto: Personal Documentation.

Indonesia5’s birthday party was also attended by a series of famous artists and public figures in the country, such as Ivan Gunawan. Igun, as he is affectionately known, is the founder of Dunia Mega Bintang Foundation as well as the National Director of Miss Grand Indonesia. He tried to ensure that in 2022 Indonesia would be trusted to be the host country of the most significant international event of the year.

“Indonesia is the host for the 10th year of Miss Grand International! We should not waste this moment; this time, I from Yayasan Dunia Mega Bintang collaborated with Indonesia5 to succeed in this big event, which will be colorful and magnificent, “said Igun at the event.